"Love is in the details and Mary loves details. I would never use anyone else to buy or sell my home."  - Amy Newell


Meet Mary Cleaver, Real Estate Agent

Mary doesn't sell homes.

This may sound like an odd statement for a real estate agent to make, but it’s true. Mary believes that a home is too big an investment to ‘sell’ in the way people sell clothing, perfume or even cars. Consumer goods are sold using emotion, impulse, flattery, closing techniques, etc. 

Homes aren’t sold in that sense; instead, they are exposed to the market in order to find the best fit with the person or family for whom your home is perfect.  If she can expose your home to as many buyers as possible she won’t have to ‘sell’ it.

Check out these 6 core methods  Mary uses to help put her sales in the top 10% of realtors.

"I love that I’m trusted to advise on all aspects, from affordability and re-sale potential to lifestyle considerations now and in the future. It is an honour and a responsibility I don’t take lightly."
 - Mary Cleaver

Mary has lived and worked in Vancouver since 2002. Every day, she appreciates how much her adopted city has to offer – from its natural beauty to a diverse landscape of food, culture and people. It’s a wonderful place to live your life.  She is a wife and mother lives in East Vancouver, and is passionate about our planet.

Considering buying or selling? Call Mary at
604 317 2289 to schedule a no pressure conversation.