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New year's Message

Happy New Year!

 A few thoughts from me on the first day of 2012 but first….

If you would like to receive a copy of my first annual REALTOR® Calendar, send me a note at and I’ll arrange to get one to you. They are very pretty, made up of 13 of my talented husband’s photographs taken at exotic locales from a rooftop patio in South Granville, to Philadelphia, from New York City to Copenhagen.

I’ve just returned home from a New Year’s Day brunch at the lovely home of our good friends, Neil and Krista. I was there with my family last night too but left the party early and was home well before midnight. That’s a familiar scene on New Year’s Eve since Brodie and I became parents.  I sometimes miss the more raucous celebrations to ring in the coming year but truly, experiencing the excitement through our daughters’ eyes is wonderful too.

I have always had so much to be grateful for as I reflect during the holidays. The loving family I was born into, my amazing husband and my exceptional girls top the list. I live in the most beautiful city in the world, I have generous, gifted friends, and I love my job… that’s a lot of blessings to count.

2011 was especially significant because I began my career as a REALTOR®. Who would have thought when I started in the music business in college, that almost 20 years later I would be as excited about this new direction? The first year is notoriously challenging in this competitive field and many of us don’t make it to the second.  I’m so fortunate that the people I came to know through the music industry went on to become my first real estate clients. Helping my friends and associates shop for, purchase and sell their homes has been such fun! A strong start confirmed that the decision to leave a comfortable career to run my own show was 100% the right thing for me to do.

For 2012, I've made a bunch of resolutions regarding work and a few personal ones like getting more exercise and becoming a better housekeeper. Like many people, I tend to keep the career ones and let the personal ones fall away. This year I resolve to keep the personal resolutions too. The work/life balance is tricky for self employed people in any field, and I certainly want to get that right.

The next regular edition of my column will be ready in a couple of weeks, and addresses a question put to me at an open house regarding real estate as an investment. It’s a big topic and might well be a two-part answer!

Thank you for reading. Please know that you can connect with me for any assistance I can provide. I truly appreciate your support and I wish you the happiest, most fulfilling New Year.

Mary Cleaver