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At The Mary Cleaver Group, we have a unique structure to our business that offers our clients the best of both worlds when it comes to Buying and Selling. You see, we’re not your typical real estate team with the leader generating the business, working the listings and passing the buyers off to lesser experienced agents. We are a 50/50 partnership with one of us managing the Listing Side, while the other leads the Buying Team.

Amy Trebelco P.R.E.C.* and I have each been exceedingly successful real estate advisors for over a dozen years. Both of us are great communicators, active listeners, and expert negotiators. Amy, with her eye for design, and the ability to visualize the potential of space and light excels at and loves working with Buyers.  With my marketing education and background, I am an expert at knowing how to position homes to sell for the best possible price in any market.

As full and equal partners in The Mary Cleaver Group, our work flows are fully integrated with each other - a fancy way of saying that we talk every day. Since most Sellers are also Buyers, this works extremely well for our clients whether they are moving up, downsizing, right-sizing, or simply moving to a new location. They get all the expertise of a team leader for both the buy and the sell. It works beautifully for us too, because we each have a trusted colleague and friend to strategize with, for a second opinion on a tough valuation, to pitch in when we can’t be two places at once, and for support in a thousand other ways in this exciting and challenging vocation that is Vancouver real estate.

We know we have a unique offering in the real estate space in this city, and we love talking about it. We’re exceedingly proud of this team we’ve built and we would welcome a chance to discover whether our approach can help you, or someone you care about.  Schedule a no pressure conversation with us in person or over zoom.

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