Marketing Your Home

We have designed a system to sell homes for higher prices and with ideal terms, 
by adapting the widely accepted framework of a marketing plan to organized real estate. 

Anyone who has taken an introductory marketing course, knows about the Four Ps.


You might think we can't impact the product. Afterall, the house is what it is and where it is.  Whether or not it's desirable in the eyes of a buyer, it isn't something we have much any control over. We take a different approach.


This isn't the location of your home - This is where Buyers can find out all about it. We market our listings in all the usual places, and in some unusual ones too.


The list price of a home in Vancouver is very rarely the selling price. Ultimately, the sale price is a combination of what a seller will accept and what a buyer will pay. Oftentimes, we find the sale price higher than the list price - this is common in our city.


This is where advertising comes in, but that's only one piece. Promotion is all the things we do to ensure that your listing is positioned properly and exposed to the market in myriad ways.

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