How we use the Four Ps in our
Home Marketing System

Marketing begins with the Product, arguably the most important of the Four Ps.


You might think we can't impact the product. Afterall, the house is what it is and where it is. Whether or not it's desirable in the eyes of a buyer, it isn't something we have much any control over.

We take a different approach.  When we come to visit your home, we are seeing it through the eyes of Buyers and Buyers' Agents. When you list with us, we arrange and cover the cost to make your product better in a couple of important ways:

  • Professional Cleaning. Each and every one of our listings is cleaned by professionals before the first Buyer steps foot inside. Even the tidiest home can benefit from a deep clean and it makes a huge difference to your product.

  • Staging. If you have furniture in your home, we can stage it at no cost to you. We have invested in a collection of lighting, art, area rugs, plants, pillows, fluffy white towels and other accessories meant to upgrade any space and show it at its absolute best. 

These services are included in our fee and they will mean more money in your pocket.
We also advise and make recommendations about what you can do to make your product more desirable, such as:

  • Declutter. This can be as simple as putting a few items in the garage, or hiring one of our specialists to help with the process. When we show homes, less is more and you can add real money to your bottom line by giving us more open space to work with in your home.

  • Enhance the curb appeal: Trimming trees, planting flowers, painting the fence, powerwashing, mowing the lawn - all of these are low cost, highly effective upgrades to make the best possible first impression online and in person.

  • Improve the lighting: We can bring lamps, but you can help us by changing burned out bulbs, or switching for brighter ones.

  • Handyman Fixes: Caulking in bathtubs or around sinks, fixing cupboard doors, securing wiggly doorknobs, or a quick coat of paint are all inexpensive and highly effective ways to show that your home, while not brand new, has been cared for and is move-in ready. We have recommended service providers who can help.

There is a lot that we can do together to make your product, your home more attractive to Buyers. We're ready to roll up our sleeves and work with you to get it done. Call Mary at 604-317-2289 for a no pressure conversation to learn how our unique approach to marketing homes can work for you.


This isn't the location of your home. This is where Buyers can find it. We market our listings in all the usual places, and in some unusual ones too.

  • All other lower mainland realtor websites
  • All other real estate brokerage websites
  • Facebook (graphic, links to our FB)
  • Instagram (graphic, links to our Instagram)
  • Youtube (graphic, links to our Youtube page)
  • BC Floorplans
  • Our monthly e-newsletter
  • Our monthly printed newsletter
  • Open Houses
  • Sneek Peek Agents/Neighbours Open Houses

Call Mary at 604-317-2289 for a no pressure conversation to learn how our unique approach to marketing homes can work for you. (I would like to chat with you to find out if it's possible to let clients schedule an hour long zoom meeting with me instead of calling me - or maybe they could choose between meeting at my office, or on zoom).


The list price of a home in Vancouver is very rarely the selling price. Ultimately, the sale price is  a combination of what a seller will accept and what a buyer will pay. Oftentimes, we find the sale price higher than the list price - this is common in our city. Other times, we deliberately price a home a little higher than market value so that we can negotiate - these are different pricing strategies that we recommend and that sellers choose based on market conditions and other factors. But what can be said in this general context is that price matters. A lot. Price too low, and you risk leaving money on the table. Price too high and you lose the chance at that first week of activity that can lead to an exceptional result. It's a very important piece in the marketing plan and we decide together what approach to take. An attractive sale price results from the Four Ps working together and our expert negotiation skill developed over many years as real estate advisors.

Call Mary at 604-317-2289 for a no pressure conversation to learn how our unique approach to marketing homes can work for you.


This is where advertising comes in, but that's only one piece. Promotion is all the things we do to ensure that your listing is positioned properly and exposed to the market in myriad ways.

  • Professional Measurements and Floorplans. We don't measure our own listings. We want to be accurate in our offering so there is no question as to what a buyer is buying. The printed floorplan let's Buyers imagine their belongings and their life in the space.

  • Professional Photographs, Video Tours, Drone Footage. It always begins with the photographs so that our listings stand out against the competition online. We know that moving pictures get more engagement on social media than still ones. Depending on the property, we will create a piece with the still pictures moving along with narration, or a home video tour. In cases where the land is important, or lot value properties, we will add in drone footage. Whatever serves the home best, is the combination of marketing pieces we will engage.

  • Professionally Designed Feature Sheets. Having beautiful, four page, full colour brochures sends the message to buyers and their agents that this property is deserving of the upscale presentation of the information. Buyers take it home, and it reminds them of the floorplan, price, and features which can be helpful if they have seen a few homes over the weekend.

  • Advertising - we use a combination of online and social media advertising to compliment the MLS and other website presence to make sure that all buyers in the market for a home like yours know that it is listed and that they can come and see it.

  • Instagram and Facebook. All of our listings are heavily promoted on these platforms with videos, postcards, open house invitations and more. We spend a lot of time planning how best to approach social media with each listing and it shows.

  • Open Houses - We love to elevate our open houses with treats, champagne, craft beer, or coffee. We do agents opens to promote our listings through our community, as well as for neighbours depending on our strategy and what our sellers are most comfortable with.

  • Personal invitations and communication with our client base, and our community of real estate professionals.

We view each and every home we list as its own unique offering that deserves a plan to match. By properly positioning and exposing your home to the right Buyers, we can be sure that we are achieving the highest possible sale price in any market.

Schedule a no pressure conversation with Mary to learn more - this will link for customers to schedule a one hour meeting with me.

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